EyeClops Night Vision Stealth Goggles Use Real Night Vision

When I heard that the EyeClops Night Vision stealth goggles use real night vision technology, I thought, "I wish they had that when I was a kid!" I envisioned running around in the darkness, playing tag or Capture the Flag, and being able to see exactly where I was going. While this toy does indeed work as advertised, any kid running with it on is likely to get creamed. I see it more as a "spy in the dark" kind of toy.

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I was a little bit sceptical that a Night Vision product this cheap would be any good but this toy is awesome and I have never had so much fun, these goggles work really well. It was a perfect buy for someone like me on a budget because of recent events in our economy. I took them on a camping trip and we had such a blast. I have never had a better hide and go seek game ever and it was so much fun just walking (not running) around seeing everything different.
Click Here to Buy EyeClops Night Vision Stealth Goggles for Christmas! It comes in two different views and I like it in the black and white over the green night vision setting. It’s not heavy or anything and once you get the sizing right for your head your good to go. The EyeClops has the option to see white or green night vision and a (barely noticeable) brightness control.

The scope is a small square on the right eye, and you get a postage stamp view of the world -- or rather, what the world looks like through a window that small. The detail, within ten to fifteen feet is amazing; any farther than that, and it's -a bit more- difficult to make out what you're seeing. To move through a room, you have to look up and down, back and forth, just to make sure you don't run into anything. Makes it tricky to try and run through, but anyone who can navigate through a dark room without night vision goggles, wont have too much trouble walking at a reasonable pace and navigating with these on (and most of us can).
The left eye cover can open up, allowing you to see both real and night vision simultaneously, but that only helps if you aren't in complete darkness. And what fun is that?

The kids who will love the EyeClops will be those who love the idea of seeing in the dark, who like to squirm around on their bellies like commandos, and who like to pretend that they have super powers. Super active kids, the type who can't stop running around -might be a little- disappointed. This is more of a stationary or walking only toy. But it's still really, really cool.
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The straps adjust to a variety of head sizes, from kid to adult. Easy to use easy to operate and seemingly durable. Kids will like the cool, sci-fi look. And believe me, they will love slipping the goggles on when Mom and Dad turn out the lights.

Parents should also consider whether their child has a dominant right eye or vision problems in the right eye, since that's the only side with night vision. The goggles do slip over glasses, but any vision problems in the right eye will make the EyeClops a waste of money. 2 stars for field of vision; 5 stars for the night vision itself. The unit takes five AA batteries (not included).

The batteries really are the biggest drawback because it takes so many, but I think it is well worth it. The only real drawback batteries, you have to ensure you use fresh fully charged batteries or they won't work, otherwise great night vision fun.

Invest in rechargeable batteries! Nice sets with batteries, spacers and a charger can be had for $20 to $40. You will be glad you did.