Fisher Price Elmo Live Cute, Adorable and Very Entertaining!

I'll start out by saying Elmo is absolutely adorable and he is very entertaining... It is amazing how he moves and you do feel like he's talking and interacting with you. Sesame Street's favorite red, furry pre-schooler is now more alive than ever.
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I have never seen such an animated and sophisticated toy made for kids 18 months and older - or any kid who loves Sesame Street. Elmo is about 18 inches tall and full of more animation and vocals than any mechanical doll/toy I have seen.

Set Elmo on a flat surface with his little blue chair and your kids will be amused for hours with a seemingly endless array of wild movements and funny comments. Elmo has four pressure points which activate dozens of narratives, including comments on how much Elmo loves you, asks for a kiss or scratch his back.

Kids Love How Elmo Interacting With Them

Fisher Price Elmo Live actually responds to each of these remarks when your child touches him. If Elmo falls over, he asks for your help in setting him up! Elmo has a "freeze dance" which is hilarious as well as his version of, "Simon Says" called, "Elmo Says". Elmo's phrases change constantly. Elmo also has two silly songs, many silly sneezes, endless hug requests, two engaging stories and endless random jokes. Your child will never tire of Elmo and his gestures, dances, mouth actions, arm swinging and more are amazing to watch. Of course, any child will walk away from a toy for a minute or more, so Elmo will yawn and go to sleep to preserve battery life. Once he is picked up or pressed on his foot, belly, back or nose, he springs back to life. Your child will love you for getting them Elmo and Elmo will love them.
Click Here to Get the Fisher-Price Elmo Live for Christmas!

Elmo Live will capture your child's imagination with his trademark infectious happiness. He waves his arms, dances, sits on his stool, tells jokes and stories, shows your child how much he loves him/her, laughs, sneezes -- everything you would expect an animated Elmo to do. Other than some mechanical grinding as he moves, Elmo is all cute. This little guy is a blast