Wild Planet Hyper Dash is Great Fun for the Whole Family!

I didn't know that this product won so many awards before I purchased it for my kids. I gave this toy to my 8 year old last Christmas.  We had 4 parents and 5 kids (5,8,10,10&11) and 2 dogs playing it. It was a perfect antidote to too much Christmas food (parents) and too much computer time (kids).

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We set it up outside in the grass. Make sure everyone has suitable shoes, if it is slippery and your shoes aren't grabbing the surface, you could have some wipe outs. It was cold and clear (in between turns you needed a jacket but once you start your turn- jackets off!).

Click Here to Buy Wild Planet Hyper Dash for Christmas! My dad opted to watch but he had lots of fun cheering everyone else on.

Anyone who tends to be competitive can really get into this game. We spent almost 2 hours playing the various levels and games (4 games- 2 of them team competitions and 4 levels for each).

We switched teams around a lot, part of the fun and to keep it all balanced and even. Very funny to see the 5 year old niece with her Auntie zooming around as a team.

We finally stopped because everyone was so tired, not that we were bored with the game! Our American society needs more of this type of game and less computer/ game console games!!
Hyper Dash is actually several different games in one, with a nice mix of physical versus mental challenges. Using the bell-shaped main tagger and the small plastic targets, players are challenged to do things such as tag the identified colors as quickly as possible, remember and repeat a series of colors, and more. Each game has several different levels, making the game appropriate for school-aged children to adults--perfect for parents playing along with kids! Plus, the tagger and targets are small and lightweight, making this game portable and thus great for travel. Highly recommended for kids and families!

Get Wild Planet Hyper Dash Here!

We loved it!! Oh, is it educational? Oh please, games are about taking turns, playing fair, and being a good sport- if kids get that, they are set for life. If your kids can't play games well, no matter how much calculus they know, they are going to have a hard time in life. Ok, so off my soap box, there is a few addition problems in level 4, which our 5 year old seemed to handle fine. The adults probably took longer to add than the kids, which added to the fun. I am buying more of these as gifts!!

Now, this is what I can say from my own perspective: we have 2 pre-tween boys, one 5 yr. old girl, 2 dogs and about a dozen kids living in the neighborhood and showing up just about every day in the summer for the pool and the trampoline. We have neighbor kids over all the time and everyone loves playing it indoors and out, including the dogs.

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You can play alone or as teams. You can do colors, math (on higher levels), reverse hits, etc. This is awesome! For under $20 it's well worth it. And, they are getting out so much energy and exercising so much. It's fun for adults too! Definitely buy this toy!